Episode 111

Cara Parker: What are the traits of a Great Leader?

Cara Parker is the owner of C Parker Consulting, Inc. which provides strategic planning and facilitation, leadership and workforce development, team effectiveness and optimization and offsite & retreat consultation and design. Cara serves as primary consultant but leverages her team of consultants when needed to ensure a perfect match to client needs.

The results Inspiring Higher Performance in Our Clients Improved interpersonal and group processes, Enhanced communication, Effective decision making processes, Greater self-awareness among leadership, Improved skill in dealing with conflict, Higher levels of trust and cooperation among organizational members


On this episode we discuss:

Leadership Expert Cara Parker discusses with John Barker the steps an organization and leaders need to take to improve their communication skills.

Cara Parker discusses with John Barker how the risk management response plans to Covid-19 measured up.

Cara Parker discusses with John Barker how to work with different personality types as a consultant.

Cara Parker discusses with John Barker some of the causes of corporate friction or infighting.

Leadership expert Cara Parker discusses with John Barker her approach to new business challenge.

Cara Parker discusses with John Barker to maintain your business momentum and improvements and not fall back into bad habits.

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