Episode 104

Dominic Vogel: What is Forcing Small Business Cyber Security?

A-Jay Orr and John Barker are visited by Dominic Vogel.

Dominic Vogel is the founder and Chief Strategist of Cyber SC providing cyber security advisory services to startups, investors, and small/mid-size businesses. Dominic is co-host of the Cyber Security Matters podcast. Dominic is a sought-after speaker with numerous television, radio, podcast, webinar appearance including hosting the 2020 Cyber Talks Cyber Security Awards. Dominic is joined up with TEC Canada as a member of their Cyber Security Speakers Resources.

Dominic discusses how the supply chain is causing the smaller businesses to finally get on board with the cybersecurity initiatives. Dominic discusses where he thinks the cybersecurity discussion is finally improving and areas where he feels like there is a lot of work ahead.




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