Episode 103

Joel Scharlat: Virtual Reality Expert the Latest in VR/AR

Guest Virtual Reality Expert Joel Scharlat updates A-Jay Orr and John Barker on the latest news in the virtual reality space. Joel discuss how much data is being collected, privacy concerns, why now is the time to get in on virtual reality initiatives, and discusses the work he does in the VR/AR (augmented reality).

Joel serves as the Director of Operations for Cyber Bytes Foundation, a nonprofit based in the DC region focusing on programs for cybersecurity and emerging technologies like AR, MR, and VR. He also serves the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for two startups: IVEA Consulting, and Metaverse Technologies, Inc. (MVTi). IVEA Consulting, Joel focuses on providing cybersecurity services to companies with AR and VR technologies. MVTi, Joel is developing AI-based virtual assistants to help blind and low-vision people cross the street.

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